Homework for the next two weeks

  • Form teams of up to 3 people
  • Apply Easy Checks to a website of your choice
  • Report findings:
    • Informal
    • For every check
    • Bullet points
    • In a web format (Ether-/Edupad, Google Doc, HTML, Text)

Asynchronous Coordination

  • Monday, 11.05. 18:00–19:30, I will monitor the slack channel #a11ymultiscreen for your questions
  • Friday, 15.05., I will be on a plane while our normal meeting time. Please coordinate among yourself. I might be able to join the chat from the plane.
  • Until Monday, 25.05., feel free to post questions to the slack channel at all times, I will try to reply to all of them, and maybe the collegues can help out.
  • Put a link to the finished report to Slack by the 25th.
  • Present a brief summary of your findings either at the Meeting on the 29th (Friday, 18:00) or 30th (Saturday, 9:15). – Please note on the Google Event pages.