Grading is pretty straight forward and consists of three components:

  1. Short tests for each lesson.
  2. Blog post about a conference talk.
  3. One group work.

Grade components

5 Short tests

Each test consists of 11 questions that relate to the lesson (and act as an indicator that you have seen the lesson), as follows:

  • 5 simple content questions (multiple choice), worth 1 point each.
  • 5 transfer questions, using the lesson content and apply it to a new situation, worth 2 points.
  • 1 “what have you learned” free form question, worth 5 points. Summarize the lesson in three to five sentences.

Each test therefore can have up to 20 points. All 5 tests count for your overall rating, so you can earn up to 100 points with these tests.

Personal blog post about a conference talk.

Every student is assigned a conference talk (about 45 minutes) that should be summarized in a blog post (about one A4 page long). Students will have the opportunity to indicate what topic they are interested in.

You can earn up to 100 points for this blog post.

Group work: Evaluate a website using Easy Checks

You get a check matrix (probably in Google Sheets) that you need to fill out and then describe the top accessibility failures of a website briefly. The grading is based on which issues are found, how they are explained and how comprehensive solutions for the issues are.

Teams of 3–4 participants needed.

You can earn up to 100 points for this group work.

Weight of components

The grades are weighted:

  1. Short tests: 35%
  2. Blog post: 30%
  3. Group work: 35%

The maximum score is 100 points in aggregate.

Final Grade

  • Nicht Genügend (5): 0–44 points
  • Genügend (4): 45–58 points
  • Befriedigend (3): 49–72 points
  • Gut (2): 73–86 points
  • Sehr Gut (1): 87–100 points

For how the grading has been at #cos17, see this link.